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Helping Patients Navigate the Healthcare Field

Thank you for visiting The Patient Safety Guide and allowing us to assist you in navigating the healthcare field. In its current state, the healthcare system is confusing enough. This confusion is compounded by the fact that many individuals who are not doctors are attempting to mislead and, in some cases, even deceive our veterans, patients and the community at large by attempting to identify themselves as doctors. The Patient Safety Guide advocates for patients and the doctors and nurses who care for them. By reading this Patient Safety Guide, you have entrusted us with empowering you to verify whether an individual is a doctor so that you, as a patient and as a consumer of healthcare services, may know whether you are receiving medical care from the most-trained and most-qualified individuals, or from individuals who underwent a fraction of the education and training of a doctor.

Please be sure to share this website and the knowledge you obtain from it with your family, friends, neighbors, the media and legislators.  Their health, even their lives, may depend on it.